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sale and distribution of products for the construction industry
direct production of lead rods, brass-coated lead section bars, bright brass, black oxide, nickel silver

COM.A.V. srl are based in Sansepolcro, near Arezzo, and have been working in the glass sector for over twenty years, producing construction products and performing operations on lead bars in our own factory. We sell glazing accessories, both for insulating glass and for the transformation and processing of plate glass.

silicone sealants

Sale of silicone sealants, such as Tri Seal, a structured silicone foam that prevents the diffusion of water vapour using a continuous barrier.


Multiple machines are used for glass working, as each process requires different equipment.

lead section bars

Available in plain brass, black-painted brass, burnished brass, bright brass, nickel silver and copper.

brass-coated lead section bars

The company produces lead section bars, brass-coated lead bars, bright and burnished brass, and nickel silver in its own factory.

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sale and distribution of construction products, in-house production of lead section bars, brass-coated lead bars, bright brass, burnished brass, nickel silver

Our warehouse is fully stocked for the sale of glass-making accessories, both for insulating glass, and the transformation and processing of plate glass.

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